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Senior engineer

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for basic support and after-sales technical services for Indian amorphous strips and cores;
2. Design and promotion of explosion-proof transformers according to Indian transformer standards
3. Promotion of amorphous dry-type transformers and three-dimensional transformers
4. After-sales technical services for transformers in other Southeast Asian countries in the future Job requirements:
1. Fresh graduates or with some work experience, Indian students studying in China or Indian nationals in Singapore
2. Bachelor degree or above, major in electricity, electrical appliances or main transformer, distribution transformer;
3. Fluent communication in English and Hindi, good command of Chinese
4. Able to come to China for internships and learn about amorphous iron cores and transformers
5. Able to adapt to the requirements of business trips in many countries and work hard.
span style="line-height:2;font-size:14px;">6. Age 22 to 35 years old

Contact: Mr. Chen (Manager)
E-mail:fj-zhaopin@yunlu.com.cn (please send your resume directly to our mailbox) Job details

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