Amorphous nanocrystalline broken powder
Amorphous nanocrystalline broken powder
Metal magnetic powder is a kind of soft magnetic material, which is mainly made by powder metallurgy. Soft magnetic materials are usually used to make different types of magnetic cores. Magnetic cores are one of the core components of inductance components, which play an important role in improving the performance and quality of various electronic products. The composition, purity, morphology and other key characteristics of magnetic powder determine the magnetic core performance.
Aerosolized Iron Silicon Chromium Powder

Technical Advantages

  • The water-gas combined atomization powder ingenuity
  • combines the advantages of water atomization and gas-
  • atomization, and the resulting powder has the advantages of
  • fine particle size of water atomization powder and good
  • sphericality of gas- atomization powder.

Main Features Of Water Atomized Iron Silicon Chromium Powder

  • (1) Good anti-rust performance.
  • (2) The characteristics of the saturation current resistance
  • are good, the loss is low, etc.
  • (3) Excellent surface resistivity, good magnetic
  • conductivity and high-frequency characteristics
Magnetic Alloy Powder

Metal magnetic powder core is made of magnetic alloy powder. Because the air gap is evenly distributed in the core, it hardly leaks magnetic flux in high frequency applications and is not easy to saturate at large current, so it is the most suitable magnetic material for high frequency inductance.

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